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Jiffy Rental Center
Jiffy Rental Center
Jiffy Rental Center in Riverton, Wyoming
Jiffy Rental Center is Riverton's hometown rental store, where most local contractors and homeowners go to rent.  

Our customers know they can count on receiving a good deal at Jiffy.   If you are one of them,  thank you for coming back to Jiffy time and time again. 

Sometimes equipment is rented for a week or even longer, but life really happens one day at a time.  That's how we look at it too.  We don't mind helping after hours, when you need us.   We learn something new each day and there is generally something to surprise us.  Check out our equipment gallery to discover some of the funny things we find to laugh about everyday.  
We like getting to know our customers.  People rent  to solve problems.  Your movie tonight might solve an entertainment dilemma.  Your backhoe rental can find what happened to your water line.

It helps when we know you and the people around you.  When we can anticipate what your company will need, we can provide our best service.  So we do our best to remember you.  And to encourage you to reserve ahead.     

JIffy offers the best rental value.   We know that helping you solve your problems and giving you the best value is what keeps you coming back. 
  In turn, we roll out the red carpet for customers who plan ahead, who consistently treat our equipment with care, and who are safety oriented.

If you are new to the area, we welcome you.  If you are returning again today as a familiar customer, we still have the best coffee in town and we will buy your soda when you return your rental item.  

Welcome to Jiffy.


Jiffy Rental Center Riverton