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Jiffy Rental Center in Riverton, Wyoming
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Welcome to our Musings.  This page has little to do with movies or equipment rental in Wyoming.  This is our page to take a break from work.    Here we can write about a few issues, laugh at events or ourselves, wish a happy birthday, or pass along ideas that may be helpful to people.   

We get our daily overdose of national news, just like you.  In another life, we'd love to receive those emails about what's wrong with America or why someone thinks the President didn't salute the flag.   Send those to teapartypooper.zip-it.    We champion respect for the Office of the President, regardless of who holds the Office.   We applaud civil discourse that doesn't diminish the national political debate or the people in it.  That's our politics.
Sometimes we see another side of an issue or event or holiday.  When we do, we'll tell you here.   

Our musings are intended to be a thoughtful commentary on a variety of subjects, presented fairly at times. They are not always humorous as some people expect of musings.   Nor are they are offered in any particular order or semblance of logic, as others have pointed out.  Thank you soooo much.

Musings are written without much flair, low on sodium, and occasionally light on thoughtfulness.  No one is perfect.  

In answer to questions.....  fortunately, musings have nothing to do with a mouse and yes, at your own risk, you can take each musing for what it's worth.   


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