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Welcome Riverton High School Class of 1966 for your ninety-fifth reunion. 

It's July 2011 and things have changed since you were dragging main in your 1957 chevy. Too bad you didn't keep that car, by the way.  It might have been worth more than a retirement account.  But who knew.

Scooter's at Jiffy is pleased to be the unofficial ice cream and restroom stop for the Jamaican Bobsled Team's visit to Yellowstone.  We also have the privilege of being one of the destinations for the RHS Class of 1966 reunion.
If you were in the class of 1966, the city would like to remind you that the statute of limitations on parking tickets doesn't run out for another 100 years, so feel free to stop by city hall.

If you have trouble finding Scooter's at Jiffy, just remember the West Drive-In Theater.  Scooter's is located on the sunset side of the old drive in, where many of you sneaked through the trees and bushes to watch the double feature. 

Hopefully, Scooter's will be a portal for more good times again for your class.   

In this city, many of you enjoyed a series of firsts in your lives... first kiss, first date, first fight, first detention, and first bowling score over a 100.  It's also where most of you learned how to drive.  Maybe you could work a little harder on those turn signals and try fastening your seat belt.
If you haven't been back in a while, your visit may seem like a step back in time, similar to the movie Back to the Future.  While there was no clock tower, the fire whistle still blows at noon.  Also, kids continue to drag main.  Remember those turn signals.

Scooter's at Jiffy welcomes all RHS class reunions visiting Riverton this summer.  Hopefully, some of your early dreams came true. A class reunion is a chance to share the past and present with people you know.  Life doesn't get much better than these occassions.  Enjoy them.

Today's students attending Riverton High School this fall will be meeting here in this community decades from now. 

Any guess as to how much will life and this community will change by then?



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