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She was a yo
ung mom waiting in line for hours to reach the front of the line.   Outside, her husband and child occassionally looked inside to see how much longer.  Finally,  the woman's turn came.   

"Are you here for the driving portion of the test?" the lady at the Department of Motor Vehicles asked. 

She nodded yes. 

"We don't do driving tests after 4 p.m." the lady told her. 

You could feel her disappointment. Arriving after lunch, she had no idea how fast or slow the line would move along that day.  Now, late in the afternoon, she could not take the test. She left, frustrated with the system.  Tomorrow, she will try again.

People complain about the DMV everywhere.  But in some state, they are doing things right.  They have signs directing people where to wait and how long.  They have chairs for seniors to sit without losing their place in the queue.  The DMV is one place where citizens most often interact with their state government..  No one wins when people are frustrated. 

Who is at fault here?  Who is responsible?   It is not the understaffed remaining employees of the Wyoming DMV.  Few jobs are more stressful than this one, where long lines try the patience of the most tolerant folks.  

"When people are already mad at you, it is stressful," one clerk said.  "We are so understaffed."  

I knew the previous director.  She was a mom herself and a capable administrator. But she retired.  Another clerk in our area who everyone liked also retired. 

"They didn't fill their positions?"  I ask.

"Not yet," they replied.

"And the rest of you are out here every day dealing with the same long lines and not enough help?"  

"That's right," she replied.  "It is so frustrating, but we can't do anything about it." 

Tomorrow could not be soon enough for someone to fix this problem.  Wyoming citizens deserve better treatment.  So do  DMV employees who want to like their jobs again.  

Call your legislator.  Write the Governor.  Someone can fix this problem.  Let’s find a director with the foresight to listen to front line employees and make changes so no one hates going to the DMV.  

When you see anyone waiting patiently in line for hours to take a driving test without a sign indicating wait times or where to stand, look up the phone number of the director and  place a call to express your frustration.  We can make W
yoming’s Department of Motor Vehicles a model of government service for the citizens of other states to follow.

Your speaking up will make that model happen.  Or, you could stand in line again and say nothing.   



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