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Jiffy Rental Center in Riverton, Wyoming

Somewhere along the way, television news began giving us more than just the news. They gave us opinion. Today, we probably receive more opinion than news. If you don't find a kindred spirit in conservative Fox News or liberal MSNBC, check your email.

 Sadly, most of our opinions these days come from someone else. It is easier to pass along opinions of others via email than to express your own view. Unfortunately, when you pass along racist, biased, or extreme viewpoints, they become attributed to you. When the next edition of good social etiquette is printed, high on the list should be this advice: Do not insult friends and associates by assuming they share your views. They may hold differing opinions.

 We make judgments based upon the facts and the opinions of others. If you only hear the opinions of one side, you wind up lacking balance.

“All things in life have balance”, said Mr. Miagi in the movie Karate Kid. He was right. In addition to a balance of opinions, you need skills to separate facts from opinion for critical thinking.

 Critical thinking needs to make a comeback.  I appreciate hearing independent and sometimes profound viewpoints from people. I rarely care about what someone saw on television. Nor am I impressed with misinformation that appeals to the absurd mindset; such as questioning President Obama’s citizenship or funding UFO research.  Conversely, I value friends who are not easily swayed by other’s opinions and who offer insightful perspective that spurs my own thinking.  

 Everyone believes they have common sense, as if it were a birthright of humanity. The irony is that common sense is a rarity. While we all think we possess it, most of us suffer more often from a lack of it.   The beauty of common sense is that it is intuitively correct, seldom extreme, and resistant to argument.

 Brush up on your critical thinking. Are you parroting the opinions of others?  You have more to offer when you think for yourself .



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