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Gracie, the young German Shepherd destined to be the protector of my grandkids is gone. She was quietly put to sleep after being hit by a passing car in the neighborhood.

Losing a dog you love is never easy. Losing one so young and full of energy is heartbreaking. It makes you shed a tear on a cold winter’s day when no one notices.  I don't know why. Maybe it's because dogs are so loyal to us and eager to please. 

Gracie lived to please, though she chewed up a lot of stuff along the way.  My grandaughter’s prayer, if she could write one would say: "Dear God, Gracie is a goofball so keep her away from the barbeque grill cause she chews up the rubber hose on it."

With Gracie, nothing was sacred. I often reminded my son that this was a small price to pay for a guard dog for the grandkids.  It was a bargain. 

Gracie had an abundance of energy.  Police dogs train  to heel and sit, but I am guessing few of them were faster at it than Gracie.  She performed at lightning speed and at full bore, slamming her rear to the ground beside you, like a snappy salute at an honor guard ceremony.   I marveled at her effort to please as fast as she possibly could do it.    It was shock and awe at its canine best.

 I shared a ritual with Gracie nearly every day I visited.  I would go out on the porch early before anyone was up and I would rub her belly.  When I would quit, she’d nudge my hand back to the task.  Rarely have I passed through a door with more affection waiting to greet me.

All dogs should go to Heaven.   If there is  any  justice, Gracie is already past the Pearly Gates.   I can think of few examples of unconditional love better than a dog to remind us of how we should be.   I’m betting that God keeps his best examples of love right with Him.

Hopefully, I will someday be walking down a Heavenly street and see a German Shepherd coming to greet me at full speed.  If she slams her rear down at the last second into a sitting position, I’ll know its Gracie.  

I'm counting on her example of unconditional love to see me through this life. She became an important link between me and my son and his family. She was an example for all of us.

God Bless Gracie.



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