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If you missed a chance to buy lottery tickets for the biggest jackpot ever, you probably live in Wyoming or some other state without a lottery. As a friend explained to me, this lowers your chances of winning, which are not good in the first place – something like 176 million to one. The odds are slightly worse if you don’t buy a ticket. To put this in perspective, someone once described the lottery as a tax on the stupid.   Apparently, this person never won.  

his brings me to our adopted dog, Floyd and the dog lottery.   Floyd's lucky streak goes way back.

The lady at the shelter said a woman brought him in, pleading for the shelter staff to take him. 

“If you don’t take him,” the woman explained, “my husband is going to kill him.”

It was Floyd’s lucky day. They took him in. 

Floyd had some issues at the shelter. He was afraid of anyone who wore a large hat and he would pee every time he was scared. Moreover, every time there was a loud noise or bang, he threw his head back to look away, like he was in trouble.  The staff wondered if he was ever going to be adopted.    

“Take him on a trial basis,” they offered. “We know he has some issues.  If he doesn’t work out, you can return him.” This is how Floyd came to live at our place.

After a couple of days, the shelter called.

“How are you doing with the dog?” they asked. Apparently, a few people ahead of us had already returned Floyd. 

“He’s fine,” we replied. “He has a dog door to come and go and a big back yard.  And he has another dog to play with here.”

There’s nothing like playing with your own species.  Our place is like a Disneyland for dogs.  Floyd loved it. 

When we left for an out of town business trip, one of our girls at work watched the dogs.   
Floyd wandered off and found several pounds of chicken bones that didn’t make it in a dumpster in the alley. He ate all of them and he wasn’t feeling too good. Our girl took him to the vet.

An x-ray revealed chicken bones in his stomach. Surprisingly, there was a bullet in his back near his spine and another one in his leg. This explained a lot about Floyd’s phobias from his abusive past.

Floyd was lucky to be alive.  He came through the chicken bone saga fine.  But surviving a couple of bullets is the stuff of which heroes are made. When people learned of Floyd’s story and the bullets in his back and leg, he received a lot of attention, love, and admiration.  He was dubbed the lottery dog at our store for his good fortune.  

No, he didn’t win the mega million jackpot. But Floyd definately won the dog lottery.  Finding shelter and a good home is some kind of luck for a dog.  

Add up the value of things you wouldn't trade for any amount of money. That’s how much Floyd won. 

When you think about it this way, you may be a winner too.


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