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Today is my son's birthday -- May 23rd.  After all these years,  it  finally dawned on me what the connection was between May 22nd and the following day, May  23rd.  Yes, I know.... one follows the other.  But in life's historical calendar, each day can trigger an entirely different memory.  I struggled for years trying to recall a connection between these two dates.

I seldom thought about May 22nd.  This year, I remembered.   May 22nd was the first day of basic training in the military and one of the toughest days of my life.   
A few years later, May 23rd was one of the best days of my life --my first son’s birthday. 

What a difference a day makes!   This expression takes on a whole new meaning when you look back at memorable dates in your past.  While these two events happened a few years apart, each day is etched in my memory for different reasons and with totally opposite reactions.

Somewhere, there is a guy who remembers his first day of basic training in the military fondly.  I never met him.   But I'm pretty sure he is probably nuts. 

 A first boy in a family... well, that is a different story.  I will always remember that first day we knew we had a boy.    At least the family name will live on, I thought.  We chose not to know in advance whether this new arrival was going to be a girl or a boy.   As it turned out, He arrived just in time for the new house we built.  Grandma contributed with a wooden helicopter replica and a play house in the years that followed.  Those early years turned into other memorable events like the funny story of a first date in an old pickup with a hole in the floorboard so that a date could get splashed when driving through a puddle.  Then  came a  high school football championship game with a cinderella home town team and a happy conclusion to a season finale.     

Each of us has our own set of memorable dates in our head.  As time goes by, they add up with their own set of memories, regardless of how many years separate them.   This day of May 23rd is a celebration.  Yesterday, May 22nd, not so much. 

Happy birthday, Tony. May this date always hold good a memories for you as it has held for me.  


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