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Happy Birthday, Miss Success,

I think this day must be something special, not only because it is my daughter's birthday, but also because it marks a time when the whole summer is ahead. Anticipation is a great part of happiness.  This day has always been a favorite day of mine because it signaled good times ahead.  

She was our mystery child. I used to think she was the forgotten kid in the middle of five where she lived in the shadow of an older sister and brother and ahead of two little ones. Not so. As it turned out, this was the best seat in the family, surrounded by humor, talent, and gifted brothers and sisters to influence a remarkably free spirit and talented child herself.

My daughter wrote the book on independence. I can't imagine a more interesting journey that the one she has taken.

She was always a member of the A Team. When she was little, as it began to snow one day, she remarked, "I love it when a plan comes together." I never could figure her out.  Every family traveling event was marked by her query, "Are you going to sit there?" which usually meant that's the seat she wanted. This still makes me smile.

I remember telling the basketball coach to his amazement that I thought he ought to bench her late one season as a starter, because she was too fearful of making a mistake. It was an around about way for both of them to learn the value of a team culture that doesn't play it safe.

I hope you are well and happy, Lin-z. You always marched to your own drum, you always found the most interesting people in your life.

I want to think you didn't turn out to be a rabid anything, but a peacemaker, like your brother Jay. I'd like to anticipate seeing your greatest success because I think it is still ahead of you.

Most of all, I will mark this day with anticipation of a time when I see you so often, I have a chance to know you again.


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