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Hound Dog Blues and Back


 How do you go from being a happy-go-lucky mutt to a barking, snarling Rottweiler in a matter of days or weeks or months?  I’m not talking about dogs. I am talking about people.   

 “I should see the veterinarian more often,” I think to myself. 

My dog is doing better than I am. 
 What has changed my disposition lately? Maybe it’s the economy. Work is not as fun as it used to be. 

 The world’s economies are all slowing down, says a banker friend. “We are all along for the ride and we are not headed for a picnic.” he warns.  

 “You know too much,” I tell him. 

 "How long have I been growling and barking at everybody?” I ask a coworker.   

 “Hmmm, that long!” I exclaim, responding to rolling eyes and my own question.

 Lots of things can put you off your game. A personal loss of a good friend can start the process.  A surgery can make you feel out of sync even before the bill arrives.   Frustration with lots of things going wrong at the same time can do you in. 

 An ancient Tibetan Buddhist tradition says that when many things start going wrong at once, it is because something special and beautiful is trying to be born. The idea is to step aside and allow whatever it is to happen. Since I’m reading  this in a Christian bulletin minus credit to the Buddhists, I’m thinking things must be tough everywhere.

 When life looks grim, I somehow manage to stumble upon  a new tidbit of information that does  me a world of good. Today,  my thanks goes to the Governor of Colorado. Or more precisely, to his Mom.

 This summer has not been easy for Colorado or the state’s Governor.  Drought, raging wild fires, and a crazed gunman in a movie theater killing innocent people are among Colorado’s litany of one tragedy after another.   A recent news story features the Governor in his somewhat clumsy, but sincere way of dealing with tragedy. When asked, he offers some insight as to why he is so doggedly positive. A single line in the story catches my eye. The Governor’s Mom told her son at an early age that he had a duty to seek joy, regardless of the difficulty he faces.

  I didn’t get that memo, even though my mom was wonderfully positive. The Governor’s mom was imparting the wisdom of a moral obligation to always seek joy, even in the face of adversity.   This is a duty, it is not advice or well wishes.  Our best life comes from seeking joy consistently for our own good and the good of those around us.  Our society finds strength and purpose to overcome tragedy from our common bond to pursue joy.   When we fail in our duty to seek the positive,  we diminish our lives.

Seeking joy is difficult to do some days.  
Events of the day, relationships, and the world can weigh on us, including personal loss, economic hard times, or a constant barrage of bad news.  Yet our duty remains.

 Our demeanor and our faces reflect who we are. Check the mirror to see if you have been taking care of your duty to seek joy. This is one daily task that can change your life and the lives of others.    Joy is contagious and gives hope.  

 For what it is worth, my dog thinks I’m back to my old self again.     I notice that he always seeks joy every day.   So must we.



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