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Recently, I was first to arrive on the scene of an accident that claimed the life of a man who was driving a truck. I heard someone say later that he was a good father and grandpa. He worked hard. He anticipated a future. Ironically, He died on a day with excellent weather, dry roads and very little traffic. This accident happened in the best of conditions. I was struck by how quickly any of us can be here one minute and gone the next moment.

This is a time of reflection for me. Our lives are fragile. I have tempted fate many times. My affairs are not in order. It is times like this that most of us think of what truly matters in life.

For most of us, our thoughts turn first to family. We can’t change the past, only the future. Yet life is not entirely about the future or the past. It is mostly about the present. Each of us has only so many chances to say we care, to stay connected, and to live each day as though it may be our last.  A sign that I saw sums up the sentiment:


Here in the most privileged nation in the world, much of what we do each day concerns some aspect of our future. That’s fine; but we have a duty to make the most of the present. We choose the best of each day or pass by those opportunities. Some people take time to smell the roses or watch a child grow. Some do not. It’s not rocket science to learn to choose the best part. The difficulty is remembering to consciously choose.

If you have any doubts about what you should be doing, give some thought to how much time and effort you are devoting to your future.  Most of us spend more time looking ahead than looking around. Smell the roses. Give to others. Volunteer where needed. Listen with patience. Often the little things we do matter most for ourselves and for others.

This morning, I am feeding God’s birds. Sure, He can do it. But why pass up a chance to help? How will you choose the best parts of today?


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